iz159011Part 1

Freddy had it lucky
Lucky kid!
Whatever Freddy wanted done,
Freddy’s mother did.

She’d bow to his edict,
bend to his whim,
Delight and deliver
in homage to HIM.

“King Freddy MacDougal”
the whole gang said it,
Whatever he wanted,
his mother would get it:

Rub-a-dub, Scrub-a-dub,
Washing machine,
Freddy make dirty
Mommy make clean!

Rat-a-tat, Root-a-toot
tummy and toys,
Mommy make pat-a-cake,
Freddy make noise.

Clap hands, Clap hands
Mommy come!

Zipper my zipper,
Cap my cap,
Button my button,
Snap my snap.

Scratch my back,
tickle my toes,
Brush my teeth,
blow my nose.

Freddy be master,
Mommy be slave,
Freddy be monster,
Mommy behave.