Beaches of Normandy (“lais”)

The lai is a French form:
A nine-line poem, or stanza, that uses an “a” and “b” rhyme scheme:  aabaabaab

Lines ending with “a” rhymes have five (5) syllables
Lines ending with “b” rhymes have only two (2) syllables

In the “BEACH” poems below, I take LIBERTIES — like any good soldier should!

Utah Beach

This very stretch and strand,
(a distant year, a distant land)
a Beach:
Soldiers (G.I.’s) land,
drag, crawl —death be damned—
and reach
(from sea to shining sand)
to seize a slice of Promised Land —
this Beach!

Beaches Wounded March 8th

Oma-haw! Beach

Stretcha san,’
nother day, nother lan’ –
‘at beach!
us G.I.’s lan’,
drag, crawl — death be dam!
’n reach
’n claw ‘at filthy san’
  ’n take back chunka Frenchy lan’ –
‘at Beach!

Beaches MARCH8 3

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