No More Songs Today


No More Songs Today

Unguarded song-thoughts,
currents run below
carrying to me, as water, a bubble
playing at my mind, 
lifting a bobbing, near-conscious 
dream-thought:  a creature     
emerging at line’s end:  
“I see your Face before me …” 
Visible now:
at once risen, 
soon to submerge. 

Visible now!
“What Lonely Hours
the Evening Shadows Bring …
and I am seized, rocked

awake by my own surging deep:
that Voice!  
beguiling:  waves
that Vanish
on the dark side, where
Shadows sing —
and hours endure.

The torch I carry,
the songs that lurk,
I fear
and act on cue 
to plug it with a cork, a bottle
bobbing like a buoy, stopping-up
the strains within — 
And as I do I say 
No more Voices!  
No more songs today!



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