Jenny JenJen


                Jenny JenJen

Who can take the court with poise,
hold her own with six-foot boys,
Who can pass it through her knees,
run and put it up with ease?

Jen, the basketball hotshot!

Who plays “24” and drives
the competition bonkers;
Multiplies at rocket speeds,
subtracts — divides and conquers!

Jen, that crack mathematician!

She’s a whiz —
a maven at all she pursues:
Roller-bladin’, baseball, soccer, fishin —
she even canoes.

Who plays the Beatles on guitar,
the classics on piano,
Plucks the strings and pounds the spinet,
masters Mozart in a minute!

Who can croon a “Showboat” tune
and set the crowd aglow,
Sing a nifty number
and deliver it “Just so!”

Jennifer, that Off-Broadway  singer!

In “The Secret Garden”
she played up a storm,
But on that stage — that stage of life —
JenJen can really perform.

Who can dump a jigsaw puzzle,
and, when so inclined,
Throw the pieces back in place —
and give ’em a piece of ‘er mind!

Who tends to Nintendo,
scoring far beyond the norm;
Who with Sega Genesis
can generate a storm.

Jen, that Video Wonder!

Her idol? Leo DiCaprio??  Nope!
he gets no more the nod;
Who worships “Sunset Beach” —
the “soap,” and Eddie Cibrian — the God!!

JenJen, that turned-on teenager.

Who has pets like Jake-the-snake,
Curly and Whirly the gerbils;
Three guinea pigs, one cockatiel,
Mary and Myrtle, the turtles.

Jen, that zany zookeeper!

Her favorite pet, although invited,
sad to say, couldn’t attend:
“Pish!” said Rabbi Gorden, “No,sir!
Freckles, the doggie, just aint kosher.”

Who takes boldly to her studies:
history, English and French!
Whips right up a science project —
Who’s an award-winning mensch?

Who took on the Torah,
her Bat Mitzvah to prepare,
Mastering that Hebrew stuff
with alephs and gimmels to spare?!

Jennifer that student-stupendous!

Aunt Irene and Uncle Dave
would tell you their niece is supreme!
Auntie El would testify
her Jen is but a dream!

Who, to Bubby and Zadie,
is just a sheer delight?
And to Gran’mom Shirley, who
does everything just right?

Jenny, the grandest granddaughter!

Cousins Emily, Semantha, Apryl —
who could love her more?
Relatives and friends alike,
who do they adore?

Jen, that Jolly-Good Fellow!

For she is a Jolly-good Fellow —
a loving, compassionate friend;
On your life, On Jennifer
you always  can depend.

Who’s the toast of one and all?
Who stands short but comes up tall?
Who stands out from all the crowd?
Who’s but made her parents proud?

Jennifer, our Bat Mitzvah daughter.
Jen, our daughter of daughters.                          Dad     1/5/99


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