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Beaches of Normandy

The After-Rain (or:  Gutter Talk)



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The Tom 

No More Songs Today

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New Orleans Maw


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The Rise and Fall of Edison High School

 Jenny JenJen



Beaches of Normandy

Beaches MARCH8 1

Beaches Wounded March 8th


Oma-haw Beach

Stretcha san’
‘nother day, ‘nother lan’
‘at beach!
Us G.I.’s lan’,
drag, crawl — death be dam!
’n reach
’n claw’at filthy san’
  ’n snatch a chunka Frenchy lan’ —
‘at Beach!


Beaches MARCH8 3

“The Tom” based on Troy Graves, Philadelphia’s “Center-city Rapist”

Original version:
the tom shadow

Troy Graves (born May 4, 1972) is an American serial rapist and murderer of Penn student Shannon Scheiber. He committed a series of rapes in Philadelphia between 1997 and 1999, where he was known as the “Center City rapist”. He also committed rape in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 2001. He now serves a life sentence.

He was arrested in 2002. He is serving a life sentence.
— Wikipedia  

The preceding poem is a metaphorical representation of Graves’ deranged behavior. It is in no way meant to glorify. Although cast in light verse, it depicts crime and horror with the ultimate aim that Scheiber and other victims, and rape itself, be not forgotten.

REVISED VERSION BELOW (more emphasis on dominance, power):

 The Tom

Tom, Tom the peeper’s son
stole a peek and away he run,
Stole an eyeful, stole an earful
stole away when he grew fearful.

Deftly, softly, like a cat
he stole a glimpse — of this and that!
Crouched and hidden in the night
he dined upon forbidden sights;

Slipping through the alleyways
lustfully he filled his gaze,
Like a rat gone mad with craving
hunger drove him wild and raving

Out from the cover of hidden retreats,
out of alleys, into streets;
Up from darkness he did rise,
up the blood gushed to his eyes.

Tom the peeper, Tom the cat
Tom the creeper, Tom the rat
up from sewers, cold and bare
up like a bat into the air;

Hot his fury, fierce his spree,
Pumped with power, mad with glee —
leaping, striking by surprise,
clutching, biting, closing his eyes.

Tom, Tom the peeper’s son
downed each morsel one by one,
Scratching, clawing, Ole Tom Cat
stole his fill — of this and that.

Lust abated, Tom was free,
satiated; shot was he!
Slipping through an alleyway,
slipped and fell and lost his way;
Tired from the evening’s quest
Tom was ready for a rest.

Tom the peeper, Tom the cat
Tom the creeper, Tom the rat
Tom the ripper, Tom the bat
fell asleep — and that was that!

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