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Writer:  Walt Fellman 

Serious Poems

Beaches of Normandy

The After-Rain (or:  Gutter Talk)



Floes of Mind

The Tom 

No More Songs Today

Taula-Paula D.

New Orleans Maw


The Catch

Taffy and Joshua

The Deeming


The Distance to Yesterday

Humorous Poems

Benjamin in Bed

Dance in the Grade-School Gym

Grade-A Trouble 

 That Maple Tree Thing  

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Lucky Kid 

Cryin’ up a Sto’m

The LoveSong of Window and Shade

Children’s Stories

The River that Ran Away

Educational Limericks

Christmas, by Jingle

The Hang


The Rise and Fall of Edison High School

 Jenny JenJen



Beaches of Normandy (“lais”)

The lai is a French form:
A nine-line poem, or stanza, that uses an “a” and “b” rhyme scheme:  aabaabaab

Lines ending with “a” rhymes have five (5) syllables
Lines ending with “b” rhymes have only two (2) syllables

In the “BEACH” poems below, I take LIBERTIES — like any good soldier should!

Utah Beach

This very stretch and strand,
(a distant year, a distant land)
a Beach:
Soldiers (G.I.’s) land,
drag, crawl —death be damned—
and reach
(from sea to shining sand)
to seize a slice of Promised Land —
this Beach!

Beaches Wounded March 8th

Oma-haw! Beach

Stretcha san,’
nother day, nother lan’ –
‘at beach!
us G.I.’s lan’,
drag, crawl — death be dam!
’n reach
’n claw ‘at filthy san’
  ’n take back chunka Frenchy lan’ –
‘at Beach!

Beaches MARCH8 3